Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

These days’ penis pumps seem to almost be the poor relation of penis enlargement. In comparison to other methods, such as traction, exercise and supplements, very few sources of information give penis pumps more than a cursory mention, and the limited information which is provided tends to be pretty dismissive and often negative.

It seems that the poor old penis pump has gained something of a seedy reputation recently – seen more as a sex toy rather than a legitimate method of penis enlargement.

But with the number of devices available on the market, there’s no doubt that there’s still a significant demand – for one reason or another. And due to this popularity, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at nights without having giving an in-depth and objective overview of their effectiveness, specifically as a method of penis enlargement.

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Penis Pumps & Their Medical Usage

You may have come across a couple of pumps that state that they’re FDA approved medical devices, from which you might have inferred that they’re medically approved as a method of penis enlargement. If fact, I would think that the manufacturers of these pumps are more than happy for you to think as such – as obviously the slightest hint that they have medical endorsement as a penis enlargement aid can do nothing but increase sales.

It’s important from the outset to know that this is not the case. FDA medical approval has only been granted to certain devices as a means of treating impotence – far removed from any claims of penis enlargement. So if you’ve considered buying a penis pump because you’re under the impression that they’re medically endorsed as a means of enlarging your manhood, I’m sorry to break the news.

But that’s no grounds to dismiss the penis pump. The fact of the matter is that with the possible exception of traction, no non-surgical methods of penis enlargement have gained any degree of backing by the medical community. This doesn’t mean that they don’t necessarily work – simply that success rates haven’t been medically validated.

So with that in mind, let us go forward…

How Penis Pumps Work

The basic workings of a penis pump are pretty simple, and I’m sure you don’t need much of an explanation. You just slip your penis (usually semi erect if you don’t suffer from impotence) into a tube and by means of an attached pump, you gradually draw out the surrounding air. To compensate for the resulting negative pressure (vacuum) within the tube, the penis fills rather rapidly with blood.
Obviously, the more you pump, the greater the vacuum created and in turn, the higher the volume of blood which enters the penis.

Now the good news is that even during your very first pumping session, pretty impressive size increases can be achieved as the penis fills beyond its normal capacity with blood. The not so good news is that once you remove your penis from the tube, the old fella quickly deflates back to his normal size. Maybe with the aid of a cock ring (a band placed around the base of the penile shaft) you can hold on to the increased blood flow for long enough to show the missus a good time, but not much longer.

Of course the practicality and embarrassment issues involved in inflating your nob before every sexual encounter (unless of course you know the person very, very well) means that this quick and moderately dramatic effect has little more than novelty value.

The important question is therefore, whether regular pumping will eventually lead to permanent gains.


Long Term Results

Now in theory, continued long term use of a penis pump should cause the penile tissues, including the corpora cavernosa and tunica albuginea to gradually stretch to accommodate the increased volumes of blood forced into the penis through pumping. The problem with penis enlargement though is that theory and practice can often be at odds with one another.

There are long-term pump users who insist that over months or years (reported time frames vary widely between individuals) they’ve made permanent gains, sometimes of over an inch in length and substantially more in girth.

But there are also many pump devotees, who have shown equal commitment to the practice who state that they’ve achieved no permanent increases. Even after several years of regular pumping, these men say that their penises deflate just as quickly to their original size once removed from the pump cylinder.

Maybe individual physiological make up plays a vital role here in determining whether long-term gains are made or not, but it seems in my experience that a greater percentage of men don’t, rather than do make permanent gains.

One thing most pump users do agree on though, is that the amount by which the penis can be temporarily inflated does gradually increase over time as the penis becomes more and more accustomed to regular pumping. Some users get to the stage where they can literally ‘fill out’ their cylinders during a prolonged session. Pumping can therefore produce more and more noticeable effects the more you do it – but again, for most, the full effects will last only as long as the penis is still trapped in the pump cylinder.

It’s important to note also that pumping tends to inflate the penis more outwards, rather than lengthways. So if the girlfriend likes ‘em fat she’s in for a treat. But if you’re more focused on seeing length increases, you might be slightly less impressed.

Potential Problems with Pumping

Penis pumps obviously put tremendous internal pressure on the penis to cause such quick, dramatic effects. What’s more, due to the encouraging initial effects, many men fall victim to over zealously applying too much pressure too quickly in an attempt to achieve even greater size dimensions.

Common minor complaints caused by pumping too hard or for too long include blisters on the penis head, bruising on the penis shaft and red spots on the head caused by burst capillaries just under the skin, and a darkening of the colour of the penile shaft caused by prolonged restricted blood flow.

A more prominent common problem caused by excessive pumping is the development of a pronounced swelling just behind the head of the penis. Known as the ‘doughnut effect’ for obvious reasons, this type of swelling is caused by an excess build up of lymphatic fluid. Although the doughnut effect often only lasts for a few hours, the level of swelling can be quite alarming and certainly looks far from normal.

If you’re not careful, you might also experience a decline in your overall erectile function. Pumping draws lymphatic fluid into the penis, which with continued build up can leave the penis…well, a bit squidgy feeling. Possibly through increased pressure placed on nerves, or just due to continued minor trauma, over pumping also has a habit of reducing erection frequency as well as intensity.

The above are just minor complaints and generally go away within a few days if sufficient recovery time is given. However, there are also more serious issues to bear in mind.

Using levels of pressure you’re not used to can put unbearable strain on both the major blood vessels within the penis as well as the touch sheath of tissue that surrounds the erectile chambers called the tunica albuginea. A tear in the tunica albuginea is a very, very bad thing indeed. Although the penis contains no bones, a tear in the tunica albuginea is referred to as a ‘penile fracture’. Without boring you with too many details, a penile fracture leads to extreme swelling, pain, a massive distortion of the penis and potential erectile dysfunction. If you want an example of the effects of a penile fracture, just search Google for “penis fracture”.

Needless to say, rupturing internal blood vessels and tearing the tunica albuginea are two reasons to be extremely cautious when using a penis pump.

Avoiding Problems

Although placing the internal structures of the penis under significant and frequent vacuum induced pressure is inheritable risky, the risks of major problems such as penile fractures and haematomas (pools of blood caused by burst blood vessels) can be avoided by using a bit of judgement and innate common sense.

General rules for avoiding major problems include:

  • Pump for only short periods of time – 15 – 20 minutes maximum per session.
  • Use low volume pressure – pump pressure gauges usually express readings in inches of mercury (HG) – you should aim for between 3 – 5 HG
  • During a pumping session, build up pressure slowly to avoid a sharp, sudden increase in internal penile pressure.
  • Better still, before a pumping session, take the time to warm the penis up by applying a warm wet flannel for a couple of minutes.
  • Don’t pump too frequently – always allow at least 24 hours between pumping sessions and don’t pump more than 4 – 5 times per week.

Choosing The Right Device

If you intend to take pumping at all seriously, you obviously need a sturdy, safe and reliable device. There are countless devices on the market ranging from cheap novelty sex toys at $20 – 30 to high end devices that are medically certified for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which can run into hundreds of dollars. A good, reliable middle of the road pump suitable for the purpose tends to cost around the $100 – $150 mark. Whichever you choose, you should bear the following in mind:

The cylinder should be clear – not coloured or opaque – so that you can clearly see the state of your penis at all times. This ensures that you can spot any early warning symptoms of trouble – such as discolouring of the penile shaft. Unfortunately, pain is not always the fist tell tale sign that things are going wrong.

A reliable and accurate pressure gauge is also fundamentally important to minimise the risk of injury. You should stick to low level pressures as indicated in the instructions. Beginners in particular, who are unfamiliar with the warning signs of using excessive pressure, need to stick rigidly to these guidelines.

And of course, you need a durable cylinder that won’t buckle like an empty plastic coke bottle when air is drawn out and which is capable of making a good airtight seal (particularly around the base of the penile shaft). One of the most common complaints with cheaper models is that they simply will not maintain sufficient vacuum in order to do their job effectively.

You may have come across high end devices with electrically operated pumps. These simply maintain a consistent pressure level throughout the pumping session by automatically drawing more air out of the cylinder when needed. Pressure within the cylinder obviously decreases as the penis gradually inflates during a pumping session, and these electrically operated devices automatically adjust the cylinder pressure accordingly.

In my mind, this is just an expensive novelty. In fact, during a pumping session you should give full attention to what you’re doing. A manual hand operated pump costs significantly less and ensures that you maintain total control over the level of pressure used.

A good selection of penis pumps, ranging from the cheap and nasty through to high caliber devices can be found online at the adult Amazon like Adam & Eve. As well as competitive prices, the store provides good customer reviews to help you sort the wheat from the chaff.

In Summary

Using a penis pump can certainly give you a temporary boost to the size of your erections. If caution is used, as outlined before, then pumping is also moderately safe. But remember, there is also room for both minor and serious injury if you over pump excessively.

If all you want to do is to max out your current dimensions, either just for an ego boost or to have a bit of extra fun in the bedroom, then I can’t see any harm in their careful use. The same applies if you suffer from a degree of erectile dysfunction or otherwise weak erections – they’ll undoubtedly help to improve your sex life. It also has to be said, there isn’t a single regular user who doesn’t say the sensation of pumping feels great.

But as far as achieving long term, permanent gains are concerned you may well end up disappointed. Although some men do state that regular pumping has added permanent inches, as many or more state the opposite. On a positive note though, all agree that frequent pumping sessions gradually lead to more and more pronounced temporary gains. But it only takes an hour or two at the most for the penis to revert back to its original, natural size.

To ensure safe and reliable usage only use a good quality pump with a durable and clear cylinder, so that you can keep a constant eye on what’s going on inside. Just as important is an accurate pressure gauge, to ensure vacuum pressures remain within safe boundaries.

Most importantly, use common sense. Don’t get overly enthusiastic and pump harder and harder because of the impressive immediate results. If you follow these rules, you’re pumping sessions should be safe and enjoyable, and you’ll experience exciting, albeit in all likelihood, temporary increases to your penis size.

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