My Penis Enlargement Story

Increasing the size of my penis was something of a long drawn out struggle for me – one which was filled with obstacles and barriers.

My determination and desire ultimately carried me through though, although I can only wish I’d known then what I know now – the process would have been a lot simpler if I had!

My Story…

The size of my penis has always been a massive issue for me. Although measuring just over 5 inches in length and 4 ½ inches in diameter, placed me just within the ‘normal’ size range (as I later discovered), I always felt a degree of inadequacy and embarrassment throughout my teens and early adulthood.

In my late teens, I felt uncomfortable with the thought of getting intimate with anyone, to the point where I would back off from a girl when I felt that we were getting close to having sex.

I remember on many occasions fumbling around on the couch, getting more and more passionate, just to back off when I felt her hands slide down to the buttons on my jeans. I’d make some lame excuse that a film was starting on the TV, I wasn’t feeling too good or that I respected her too much to go all the way, just to avoid showing her my penis.

I remember all too well the frustration and anxiety I felt as a result, and wondering whether or not I’d ever pluck up the courage to go all the way. Well….I did in the end, but only thanks to a great deal of alcohol and the knowledge that the girl I was with was even more drunk than me!

This massive insecurity certainly had a major impact on my early adulthood. I obsessed over the size of my penis to the point where almost nothing else mattered, and it certainly meant that I ended up being far behind my friends when it came to experiencing one of the most basic enjoyments in life.

As Time Went By…

Although my insecurities lessened over time, I never felt truly comfortable with the size of my penis. The same old anxieties would resurface whenever I met someone new. I used to find it more of a relief when we’d eventually have sex for the first time rather than something I’d look forward to.

But I always dreamt of feeling the exact opposite.

Shouldn’t the build up to having sex with someone for the first time be something to look forward to rather than fear? Wouldn’t it be great to be the instigator of sex instead of the one who kept putting it off? Wouldn’t it be great to feel absolutely confident about myself and the size of my penis, to the degree that I wanted her to see it in all its glory, instead of pulling off my pants and quickly hiding under the bed covers?

The answer to all these questions was, “Yes, it definitely would be great.”

But the problem was I thought the size of my penis was entirely down to factors beyond my control. Penis size, like your height or your build I though, is decided by your genes, not your actions. I thought my dreams would remain just that and that I’d have to live with my insecurities for the rest of my life.

First thoughts of Penis Enlargement…

Like many men, I’d read adverts about penis pumps and other ingenious devices in the back of men’s magazines that guaranteed to increase  penis size by up to several inches. They’d often read something like:

“The revolutionary ****** penis device, a major breakthrough in medical science, be the man you’ve always wanted to be!”

Also like many men, I didn’t believe them. I wanted to believe, but my convictions that I couldn’t do anything to increase the size of my penis were so strong, I just couldn’t believe. As Agent Mulder used to say, “I want to believe.”

On more than one occasion though, with credit card in hand, I was probably less than a minute away from picking up the phone to order ‘the ultimate device for male enhancement’. For a brief moment, I’d be able to convince myself that I’d finally found the answer to all my problems, just to then brain wash myself out of the idea at the last moment.

My belief that my penis size was beyond my control was just too strong at that time to overcome.

Thinking About Penis Enlargement Surgery…

In my mid twenties, I started half-heartedly toying with the idea of penis enlargement surgery.  I’d read several articles on the subject here and there over the years which had always conjured up a degree of curiosity.

Although media coverage tended to be somewhat negative, with stories routinely telling of patients suing their former surgeons for botched up operations, I was intrigued enough to look further.

With the Internet at my disposal, it wasn’t difficult to find more information. A number of specialist surgeons offered their services online and seemed to suggest the procedure was relatively risk free and generally successful. I remember feeling my levels of excitement growing, thinking that medical science might finally come to my rescue and fulfill my wildest dreams.

Unfortunately, my excitement soon started to ebb when I started to delve a little deeper. A number of online patient support forums told a different story, as did a variety of independent articles and news stories.

First hand accounts from former patients were generally subdued in their tone, if not down right negative. The surgical lengthening procedure for example, seemed to offer little in the way of noticeable length gains, whilst men who had undergone girth enlargement complained that their initial gains seemed to evaporate into thin air over the course of a few months.

Reading in between the lines, the general opinion seemed to be that an increase in erect penis length of about half an inch was a success, which wasn’t exactly the good news I’d wanted to hear and didn’t overwhelm me with excitement.

Add to that all the things the surgeon’s sites didn’t mention:

The fact that following lengthening surgery, I’d have to wear a traction device for up to six months to actually see any gains and if I didn’t, I’d end up being the same length if not shorter than before.

Secondly, the rather important omission that the grafts used to increase penis girth had a nasty habit of being reabsorbed back into the body, and as such, girth gains were likely to only be temporary. Not to mention the potential post operative complications I’d likely experience…

Somewhat demoralized I figured that surgery wasn’t the way forward for me. In any case, the thought of a scalpel going anywhere near my genitals had always caused me to break out in a cold sweat!

A Revelation…

My online search for information about penis enlargement surgery didn’t turn out to be fruitless however. As I did more research into surgery, I became more and more aware of the number of penis enlargement exercise guides that seemed to be everywhere on the Net.

Whilst in ‘surgery mode’, I had totally dismissed these out of hand. After all, every surgeon’s website had insisted that surgical techniques were the only way that the penis could possibly be enlarged. Obviously, with some respect for the opinion of medical science, I had listened to their claims.

But the fact was penis enlargement surgery was no longer an option for me…of that I was certain and maybe because of this, I was a little more open to suggestion.

How Penis Exercises Are Meant To Work…

The basic premise behind these exercise websites was pretty simple:

That you could force the penis to grow by using hand performed exercises that pushed large volumes of blood into the penile shaft – far greater volumes than when you just had a normal erection.

In time, this would steadily cause the penile tissues to stretch to accommodate the increased blood flow, leading to permanent, substantial gains in both penis length and thickness.

Although still somewhat skeptical, I felt that there must be an element of truth behind the theory. Besides that, there were certainly an awful lot of these programs around and this would have to be the world’s biggest conspiracy if there wasn’t some evidence to back up their claims. Together with the promise of a full money back guarantee on virtually every site I turned to, I really thought I had nothing to lose.

My First Experiences with Exercise…

After finding a site that looked genuine enough and then handing over my credit card details, I can only remember my disappointment when I finally got access to the member’s area. The site I’d just paid $49.99 for a lifetime’s access to was little more than one page of information.

“No problem” I thought, “If it works, who cares. I just want to know how to make my penis bigger; I don’t care how the information is presented.”

But the real problem was I couldn’t understand what I was reading either. The exercises were so poorly described and badly written I thought I was reading the work of a bored five year old.

Frustrated, I tried to contact the support department. Before signing up, the glossy website had promised, “24/7 member support to ensure your success.” Well, I waited…and waited, but no reply.

After about a week of sending repeated e-mails and trying my best to decipher instructions that may as well have been written in hieroglyphics, I finally conceded defeat. Angry, fed up and disillusioned I once again contacted member support to request the refund they had made such a big deal of promising before I signed up.

Guess what? To this day, four years later, I never got a response, never mind a refund!

Lesson Learned…

I have to admit, I fell hook, line and sinker for that first site. Mesmerized by their glossy, well designed web pages, their convincing sales patter and the promise of a full refund if I didn’t succeed, I all too willingly gave my credit card details without first properly doing my homework.

Since that first negative experience four years ago, I’ve spoken to countless men who’ve been stung in a similar way. The fact of the matter is that the penis enlargement industry seems to be rife with sharks, hell bent on making a profit any way they can.

There are all too many of these rip off sites around, making big promises that they just don’t live up to and leaving men, like me and you, frustrated and disillusioned along the way.

But Don’t Give Up Hope…

Although my first experiences with natural penis enlargement were certainly very negative, I still couldn’t help but feel there may be some element of truth behind the whole thing. After all, I hadn’t failed because the exercises hadn’t worked; I had failed because the website I had signed up to had made such a poor job of explaining them properly.

The theory to me still sounded plausible and I certainly wasn’t going to give up before I’d even reached first base.

I no longer needed convincing that natural penis enlargement might work; I had opened my mind up to the possibility. I say ‘possibility’ because I still had no real proof, just my own gut feeling.

From now on however, I knew I’d have to search for a site that gave me detailed descriptions of exercises, that showed me how to combine them into a proper workout routine and offered me some degree of support should I need a little help or encouragement along the way. Unfortunately, with no one to guide me to this Holy Grail, I knew finding it would be more a matter of luck than good judgment.

Over the next few months I spent more than my fair share on memberships to natural penis enlargement guides – $259.70 to be precise – which bought me access to six more penis exercise programs.

Of these, three turned out to be as useless as the first – obvious scams from the moment I gained access to their programs. They described little more than I’d already learned for free on the internet. On top of this, they didn’t give me any idea how often I should exercise or even how long I should exercise for each session.

Two additional programs helped to put me on the right track, giving me descriptions of a few additional exercises and giving me a basic workout schedule to stick to. And I have to admit, by using my head and combining bits from both programs, I did start to notice subtle changes to the size and shape of my penis after a few weeks.

I started to notice that my erections were getting a little firmer and this was making my penis look slightly larger. Not massively so, but I could see a definite change. I’d say that my erections were starting to look as large as when I’d previously woken up in the morning with the old ‘morning glory’, thinking, “why can’t it be as big as this the rest of the day!”

As you can imagine, my excitement was growing. Not because I was making massive gains, but because changes were definitely happening as a direct result of my actions. This was the first indication that my hunch about natural penis enlargement might be right, and that feeling was almost as good as if I had gained several inches.

For the first time in my life I didn’t feel totally desperate and helpless about the size of my penis. I felt that my dreams of being confident and actually proud of my penis might be possible with just a little time and commitment on my part.

But at the same time, I knew that the two programs I had been using had major shortfalls. Neither had more than basic exercises and one simple workout routine to follow; and I felt sure that this would grind my progress to a halt in the following weeks. Like any exercise regime, I knew the key to success was to keep things varied, and these programs simply didn’t equip me with the knowledge to do that. On top of this, I still had a number of uncertainties about how to properly perform some of the exercises and didn’t fully understand how they were meant to help.

I was basically using too much guesswork to make any real progress…

Finally Making Real Gains

In the member’s discussion forum of one of the guides I was using at the time, several guys were commenting on a new program that had just been launched. Their tones sounded excited with references to the quality of the information they’d found.

Detailed workouts for all user levels, previously unheard of exercise techniques and first rate multi-media tutorials were just a few of the things said to make this program stand out from the crowd.

With a sense of déjà vu, I found myself handing over my credit card details once again. The only thing different this time was that my own personal experiences had told me that natural penis enlargement could work if I had well researched information.

And what I found didn’t leave me feeling disappointed; numerous features set this guide apart:

Firstly, I found a great deal more exercises than I’d seen elsewhere. The program described not only the basic exercises I’d been used to, but also special variations of these techniques targeted at more advanced users. They also included refined versions of common exercises that were clearly designed to speed up progress.

In addition, all the exercises were carefully categorized into different sections depending on their main purpose, whether it was to primarily increase penis length, girth, the size of the penis glans (head), or just to improve overall quality of erections.

As I learned, this categorization enabled users to place more emphasis on their main objective (either length or girth enlargement) and therefore speed up the gains they made.

Learning all these new techniques was made a pleasure thanks to their carefully written instructions which left little doubt in my mind how to perform them. On top of that, this was the first program I had come across that had genuine, well presented multimedia tutorials that clearly showed you to perform the exercises in practice.

With both clear instructions and impressive video demonstrations, absolutely no guesswork was needed.

But for me, the most impressive aspect of the guide was the fact that they showed me exactly how to combine all the techniques I’d learned for maximum effect. Whereas all the other programs I’d tried had just given me a very basic ‘one size fits all’ workout routine, this guide offered me a variety of workout plans depending on how I wanted to focus my efforts. They even provided me with a personalized workout plan that specifically targeted my main goal of gaining length as quickly as possible, and the support team even tailored this workout to fit in with the limited time I had spare to exercise.

I had finally found a guide that removed all my uncertainties.

I now knew exactly how to perform each exercise, how long I should exercise for and how to combine exercises for the most rapid gains possible. With the guesswork removed and with the confidence of knowing I was doing everything properly, I felt sure that I was finally going to get somewhere.

The following three months were remarkable:

By the end of the first month on this new program I had gained ½ an inch in length and my erections were noticeably firmer and fuller than ever before. Half an inch you may think may not seem like a lot, but the fact that my penis was growing at all was miracle enough for me, and pushed me to exercise more and more.

With the advice of the support team I started to keep a log book of my results. I wrote down which exercises I was doing each session, how long I was exercising for, any subtle changes I was noticing in the quality of my erections, as well as weekly measurements of both my penis length and girth.

My biggest spurt in growth came in my second month of following the guide. This was probably due to the fact that I’d learned by this time how to precisely perform each technique to get the most out of it. By the end of my second month, looking back at my log book, I measured 6 ½ inches in length, which meant that I’d grown 7/8 of an inch in length in just one month.

My gains did slow somewhat in the third month of the regime, although quite frankly I felt so exhilarated by the gains I’d already made, it didn’t really curb my enthusiasm. At the three month mark I measured a fraction under 7 inches, having gained an additional 3/8 of an inch.

Over those three months I felt like I had transformed the appearance of my penis. From feeling inadequate and ashamed of my size just a few short months before, I now actually felt proud of my dimensions. The additional 1 ¾ inches of length had made such a noticeable change that I could barely believe the gains were real.

The Following Months…

Although I continued my efforts to increase my penis size even further, the three months when I achieved that massive increase was by far the most dramatic period of development. As with everything, all good things have to come to an end, and at the end of the three month mark it was obvious that my progress was rapidly slowing.

But having gained a full 1 ¾ inches with the help of that one guide, the last thing I felt was disillusioned – in fact I was over the moon. But of course I still wanted more: the magic 8 inches was still over an inch away; and I knew I would have to start experimenting again if I wanted to ever achieve my ultimate 8 inch goal.

Building the Foundations for Future Growth

In my mind, natural penis enlargement exercises were the catalyst for my success. They provided the foundations upon which I would later finally achieve my ultimate 8 inch erect length goal. Without natural penis enlargement and in particular, that one exceptional guide, I doubt I would be writing this now. I would still be feeling insecure and embarrassed about the size of my penis and would probably have done so for the rest of my life.

For any man who has genuine concerns about his penis size, for whatever reason, the fact is something can be done about it. With a little patience and commitment, natural penis enlargement exercises can produce quite dramatic gains in a relatively short space of time. If you have the inclination to put your doubts to one side, you can transform both your penis and more importantly, your self image in just a few months.

I’m happy to say I’m living proof of that, and so too can you!

Best of Luck

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