About me

While some guys spend their spare time fishing, playing golf or otherwise engaged in some relaxing pastime, Dick’s hobby over the last decade has been focused entirely on the contents of his pants.

A firm believer in the philosophy that obsessions are only a negative thing if they don’t produce a positive outcome sooner or later, Dick has mindlessly pursued his dream of a bigger penis through thick and thin.

Through trial and error, a massive dose of commitment and serial abuse of his man servant, those positive changes have finally materialized. And with little else to pass the time now that the quest has been achieved, he’s decided to write the definitive guide to penis enlargement to fill the gapping void left in his life.

With an Internet swamped by penis enlargement scams, shams, rip-offs and spam, PenisEnlargementbibleJohn.com is intended to be one of the few shining beacons of truth on the subject. And while the truth about penis enlargement may be seriously less palatable than most websites would have you believe, it needs telling – warts and all.

You won’t find any quick fixes here – no miracle solutions – no overnight personal success stories – just the cold, hard facts. Dick’s nob unfortunately didn’t grow 3 inches in less than a month when he overdosed on penis pills, even though the ads said it would.

Dick learned the hard way that penis enlargement is a slow, arduous, sometimes frustrating…. but also ultimately a rewarding process. His mission now is simply to pass on the few gems of wisdom he’s picked up along the way.

Who’s This Website For?

The purpose of PenisEnlargementbibleJohn.com is to rid you of all the marketing hype, remove the blinkers and give you a massive dose of realism. Then, and only then, will you have a chance of success.

The stark truth is that you’re going to have to work to make this dream a reality.

Is it all really worth the effort? This is an important question you need to answer before you go any further. A bigger dick won’t give you the confidence or sexual magnetism of James Bond, nor will it make you a great shag or bring you success in life. If those are your goals, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

But if those aren’t your reasons, and you still have that little burning desire that says for some inexplicable reason, ‘I want a bigger penis’ then read on.

If you’ve come here with a degree of scepticism, then that’s ok. In fact, it really is a prerequisite to approach penis enlargement with a healthy degree of caution. A sceptic is ultimately far more likely to achieve this goal simply because he’s less likely to fall victim to the penis enlargement marketing machine. The more gullible who buy into the fake promises and quick fixes never achieve their desires, because they quickly end up frustrated and disillusioned.

As the title says, this website’s only for the serious – those who are committed to their goal of a larger penis and who are prepared to take the hard facts without breaking out in a cold sweat or losing interest.

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